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Q. How much more expensive is hot water than cold water?
Hot water costs around 40% more.

Q. How much money do British Insurers pay out daily on escape of water claims?
A. £2.5 million pounds a day according to Association of British insurers.

Q. How much of my water bill do I pay for that is just down to hidden water leaks?
A. Up to 20%

Leak Mitigation

  • Wint uses state of the art technology to help you manage your water
  • Wint uses machine learning to understand how your building uses water and detects any changes
  • Wint uses the internet, enabling you to control your water

Water Saving Devices

  • Save electricity and cut your carbon footprint but also SAVE MONEY
  • Our patented volumisers are designed to retrofit onto your taps easily and maximising water efficiency & reduce water loss
  • You can save between 60-80% of your tap use

Water Filtration

  • Vastly improves reliability of your product
  • Prolongs the life span of your equipment.
  • Proven fact drinking pure water provides huge health benefits.
  • All beverages taste better as no chemicals in the water.

Air Purification

  • HEPA Filtration Cleans the Air removes 99.9% of harmful germs, allergens and particulates.
  • Active Carbon Odour Control the hybrid 2-in-1 filter, combining activated carbon, ‘adsorbs’ odours.
  • Well-being Expression of Care demonstrates a greater level of consideration and concern.

Other Washroom Products

  • Fast dry time of less than 15 seconds1
  • HEPA filters remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • 1100w energy efficient motor
  • Full width air slot for fast and effective drying action.

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