Leak Mitigation

Introducing Flowless

Intelligent Water Management System Automated Leak Prevention

What can Flowless do?

  • Flowless uses state of the art technology to help you manage your water
  • Flowless uses machine learning to understand how your building uses water and detects any changes
  • Flowless uses the internet enabaling you to control your water
  • Flowless can alert facilities managers or can shut off the water itself in an emergency
  • Flowless is connected to the cellular network and is not dependent on WiFi
  • Flowless can detect and stop wastage and leaks saving your business money and preventing damage.

The Benefits

  • 24/7 365 site monitoring
  • No reliance on human intervention
  • Can save £ thousands every year in water losses alone.
  • Can prevent downtime and loss of business
  • Assist in the protection of valuable assets
  • Connected bureau able to assist in site issues, leaks or repairs.
  • Ability to monitor other dynamics in addition to flow.

Why Flowless?

A highly advanced independent flow monitoring system – offering coverage 365 days a year

24/7 Protection

Real time knowledge about leaks, malfunctions and unusual usage.

24/7 Protection

Real time knowledge about leaks, malfunctions and unusual usage.

Stop Water Flow Remotely

Stop water flow to prevent damage and avios business closure.

Network Safety

Independent communication and cloud connectivity, independent power.

Web Based Dashboard

Allows you to monitor, control and automate water consumption.

20% Water Savings

Our customers typically see 20% water savings.

Ongoing Reports

Continuous tracking of water use for awareness and reducing waste.

Excellent ROI

Our customers have seen ROI as early as a day after installation.

21st Century Solutions

Imagine having the ability to spot and prevent leaks within your property every day of the year, rain or shine, with no barriers to time of day. View trend analysis, save water. Be part of the solution...

Aqualytics Water Inteligence

Issues in UK infrastructure

  • Concealed infrastructure
  • Insurance claims increasing annually
  • £2.5 million is paid out by insurers every day (ABI)
  • Reliance on old technology
  • Dependent on manual monitoring & intervention
  • Accountability & supervision reliance in monitoring and control

Pinpointing a leak early…

  • Reduces water loss
  • Minimises damage to property
  • Reduces repair costs
  • Property maintains operability
  • Benefits proactive management
  • Reduce risk of increasing insurance premiums

Issues in UK infrastructure

  • Continuous Automated Monitoring
  • Flowless is continually monitoring for leaks.
  • Day after day, week after week
  • Hour after hour, even when everybody else is sleeping.
  • It will isolate the problem if you are not there to decide.
  • Manual or automatic override setting
  • Connected monitoring

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