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Our Products

Everything Water provide organisations with tested solutions that improve hygiene whilst cutting energy, carbon and water usage across their local and international estate to reduce the negative impact on our planet and its environment. In some cases, these savings have exceeded 80%.

Our Services

Our team provide quality assured solutions for all industries regardless of workplace or venue. These include drinking water solutions, active and passive air purification systems, remote water and air temperature monitoring, technical site surveys, touchless taps, soap dispensers and cisternless leak-free toilet flushers, utility bill analysis and reduction negotiation, water and energy reducing systems for taps, toilets and showers and water leak detection and mitigation.

Office environments

Today’s working office environment looks different wherever you work, whether this be a corporate city office, co-working shared offices, a school or partitioned office space within a warehouse, then our energy saving solutions still apply.

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WRAS approved

Where possible, Everything Water will recommend the use of approved products that have undergone a series of exhaustive independent tests to qualify that they are suitable to carry or receive water, to or from the public mains water supply in the UK and complies with the Water Supply Regulations.

Sustainable products

Approximately 7.7 billion plastic bottles of water are purchased every year in the UK. It could take up to 400 years for a plastic bottle to break down. Plastic has only been around for 150 years, and already this non-biodegradable material is clogging up the oceans and filling up the land.

Everything Water believes that a better alternative comes in the form of dispensers that provide chilled, sparkling and boiling water.

Keeping your office air clean

Everything Water only partners with leading manufacturers of active and passive indoor air purification systems. We can tailor a solution that perfectly meets your space requirements whether it be an open plan office, a basement or even a warehouse.

To see or range of whisper quite, HEPA and UV filtration units click here.

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