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In these recent unprecedented times, your washrooms should be one of the highest priorities on your list when providing visitor or customer satisfaction. Not everyone will use the facilities but those who do, will certainly remember if it was a bad experience. From the provision of basic hand hygiene soap provision to fragranced air, it is important that the back of house is as hygienic every other part of the office or building.

With an emphasis on sustainability and in particular water reduction, washrooms are a significant contributor to wastefulness. By not dealing with leaking, dripping and broken taps leads to further energy consumption and a higher carbon footprint. With some minor attention, it is relatively easy to make significant improvements very quickly.

Everything Water Hygiene blog

The COVID pandemic has brought to our attention the increase in hand hygiene, with washroom visitors now wanting to see touch-free taps and soap dispensers along with infra-red toilet flushers.

To help you consider your options, here is a suggestion list of products that can easily be retro-fitted or included in a refurbishment if that is your plan.

1. Sensor taps – More hygienic and use less water
The taps are the highest user of water in the washroom so for the most potential saving, this is an obvious place to start. By updating old, leaking or dripping taps can save as much as 70% water usage. Updating taps need not be an expensive exercise either and therefore offers a very short return on investment ‘ROI’ period. Sensor taps are hygienic and offer a measured flow of water when the infrared sensor is activated. The sensor settings can be customised and changed to suit individual needs. See our range of taps here.

Wall mounted sensor tap by Everything Water

2. Non-concussive taps – Higher efficiency than a standard lever tap
Commonly known as self-closing taps, push down or press taps that all feature the delivery of a timed flow of water, making them ideal for use in commercial washroom set up. The push down operation is simple to use and are perfect for use in schools, leisure centres, railway stations, public toilets and other areas such as high footfall. See or range of taps non-concussive taps here.

Non-concussive deck mounted tap by Everything Water

3. Switch to cistern-less toilets
All taps and baths work without the need for a storage tank or cistern, and toilets are the same. An innovative and new water saving technology that has no tank or ‘cistern’ not only reduces the probability of leaks, is accessed from the front for easy maintenance. Cistern-less means a direct supply of water, so there’s no waiting for the cistern tank to refill meaning a constant flushing ability, which is a huge benefit in toilets where there is peak demand in short bursts, such as sports stadia and concert venues.

Cistern-less toilets by Everything Water

4. Sustainable switch to dual flush
If your toilets are fitted with a single button flush system, you could be using between 6-8 litres of water per flush. By retro fitting a dual flush valve, you can instantly reduce the amount of water used for each flush, down to 3 litres, saving approximately 3-5 litres for every flush. Multiply this by an average of three toilet visits per day, five days per week and multiply again by the number of staff in the building, can quickly add up to thousands of litres of water saved per year. Water usage costs money. Save water. Save energy. Save money. A simple retro fit to a dual flush valve can ensure sustainability and by fitting a touch free version, is more hygienic too!

5. Urinal water management system
By fitting a water management system to the urinals, not only saves money from using less water, but also improves the user experience and the water hygiene too. By fitting a urinal management system drastically improves the wastefulness of water used for flushing, by as much as 80% saving in some instances. Programmable duty flushing can also be set up to flush at weekends or overnight and will assist to remove the risk of legionella. Coupled with the fitting of a sanitising dispenser and urinal shield, will also fragrance the air and keep the pipework clean too.

Everything Water has a number of solutions we have discussed above. If you’d like to know more, please contact michael@everythingwater.co.uk