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Cup half full or half empty?

What the Environment Agency says about water availability and usage: In a worrying report published this week on water resources the Environment Agency presented contrasting conclusions. Is our water cup half full or half empty?

On the one hand they report that the UK winter rainfall has increased over the last 250 years. On the other hand ground water abstraction is putting pressure on reserves and altering some of our wetlands impacting our environment. As Harry Truman famously said “Give me a one-handed Economist!”.

However, there is some clarity that comes through strongly from the report and that’s the impact on water resources due to a growing population. This growth will put a strain on available water resources and, the conclusion is clear, that by 2050 most areas will not meet demand. Feeling Thirsty?

The numbers are astonishing with manufacturing and (oh no!) leaks representing the biggest figures with regard to water use. Leaks alone have an estimated 3,000 million (is this litres?) lost that’s a full 20% of water that is released into the network. If that’s enough to wash your car ,water your garden and then finally set sail on what’s left? The sheer scale makes it seem that individually we can’t achieve very much and make a difference.

Not true. Collectively at home and at work we can make a big difference. Here are five Everything Water top tips that we can all do to save water and save pouring money down the drain. Collectively it can make a great difference:

1. Spread the word. We have been spoiled for decades with easy and pretty cheap access to unlimited drinking water and water disposal. Knowing this won’t last and being evangelical about it is our first step.

2. Reduce shower time. Power showers can use as much water as a filled bath but a normal shower will use half the amount of water as a bath. And (rather obviously) the longer you run the shower the more water (and energy) it will use.

3. Technology can help monitor water usage with products like the Flowless which monitors how and where you use your water and sending you a text alert – as well as automatically turning off your water if it detects a leak, clever stuff. Most adopters of Flowless reduce theor water bills by between 10 and 20% per annum.

4. Just pour what you need. A great example of this solution is the boiling water tap which not only reduces energy needed to heat a cuppa it also dispenses just the water you’ll use for your drink of choice. Not a drop lost and with the UK drinking 60 billion cups of tea alone this is a simple way to make a difference.

5. Put water management tools in your cisterns. 9 Litres of fresh water to remove 2 ozs of human waste? That really is taking the pee?

You see, we can all make a difference and here at Everything Water we want to help people’s awareness of the issues and solutions. As such we welcome the updated report and would encourage you to take a closer look. Immerse yourself.

View the full report here