Question: How much money do British Insurers pay out daily on escape of water claims?

Answer: £2.5 million pounds a day according to Association of British insurers.

Question: How much more expensive is hot water than cold water?

Answer: Hot water is 10 times more expensive than cold water.

Question: How much of my water bill do I pay for that is just down to hidden water leaks?

Answer: Up to 20%

Question: How much can a dripping hot water tap cost me per year?

Answer: Combining energy and water cost up to £900

Question: How can I reduce my water bill, prevent leaks and lower carbon footprint?

Answer: Go Flowless

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The Team at Everything Water have been working within the water sector for over 22 years, driving positive change in the water industry and helping businesses reap the benefits created by a deregulated water market. Our aim is to work alongside companies, schools and businesses through-out the UK and globally, bringing a value to water, an asset taken for granted for too long.  Whether high-tech or retrofit low-tech, our solutions make an impact – cutting costs, reducing carbon footprint and increasing sustainability.

No matter how complex your requirements are, whether it’s water efficiency, trade effluent or complex infrastructure requirements, you can be sure that our team can help you. Everything Water has an array of experienced professionals ready support you and deliver the water savings to your business.

Cup half full or half empty?

What the Environment Agency says about water availability and usage: In a worrying report published this week on water resources the Environment Agency presented contrasting conclusions. Is our water cup half full or half empty?

On the one hand they report that the UK winter rainfall has increased over the last 250 years. On the other hand ground water abstraction is putting pressure on reserves and altering some of our wetlands impacting our environment. As Harry Truman famously said “Give me a one-handed Economist!”.

However, there is some clarity that comes through strongly from the report and that’s the impact on water resources due to a growing population. This growth will put a strain on available water resources and, the conclusion is clear, that by 2050 most areas will not meet demand. Feeling Thirsty?

The numbers are astonishing with manufacturing and (oh no!) leaks representing the biggest figures with regard to water use. Leaks alone have an estimated 3,000 million (is this litres?) lost that’s a full 20% of water that is released into the network. If that’s enough to wash your car ,water your garden and then finally set sail on what’s left? The sheer scale makes it seem that individually we can’t achieve very much and make a difference.

Not true. Collectively at home and at work we can make a big difference. Here are five Everything Water top tips that we can all do to save water and save pouring money down the drain. Collectively it can make a great difference:

1. Spread the word. We have been spoiled for decades with easy and pretty cheap access to unlimited drinking water and water disposal. Knowing this won’t last and being evangelical about it is our first step.

2. Reduce shower time. Power showers can use as much water as a filled bath but a normal shower will use half the amount of water as a bath. And (rather obviously) the longer you run the shower the more water (and energy) it will use.

3. Technology can help monitor water usage with products like the Flowless which monitors how and where you use your water and sending you a text alert – as well as automatically turning off your water if it detects a leak, clever stuff. Most adopters of Flowless reduce theor water bills by between 10 and 20% per annum.

4. Just pour what you need. A great example of this solution is the boiling water tap which not only reduces energy needed to heat a cuppa it also dispenses just the water you’ll use for your drink of choice. Not a drop lost and with the UK drinking 60 billion cups of tea alone this is a simple way to make a difference.

5. Put water management tools in your cisterns. 9 Litres of fresh water to remove 2 ozs of human waste? That really is taking the pee?

You see, we can all make a difference and here at Everything Water we want to help people’s awareness of the issues and solutions. As such we welcome the updated report and would encourage you to take a closer look. Immerse yourself.

View the full report here

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Illimani Tap are able to assist you with contemporary, high performance, and energy efficient filtered water systems.

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Carrieann O’Connell, Managing Director
Carrieann is Founder and Director of Everything Water Carrieann’s is a highly successful business development leader with an excellent track record of growing significant new business in the water efficiency sector for trusted clients that include a broad range of major FM suppliers and large corporations. Her ability to think outside the box and take the initiative to source products for her clients has led her to establish Everything Water.

Carrieann recognizes the necessity of taking a holistic approach to sustainability and by combining high and low tech products, the highest return for clients can be achieved.

Harvey Djanogly LLB (Hons)
Harvey is Founder and Director of multi award-winning GabiH2O, a company which promotes water efficiency to childrenglobally. GabiH2O has worked in partnership with Nickelodeon to introduce the UK’s first TV animated character, teaching children how to be smarter about water. Alongside several major British Utilities, including Southern Water and United Utilities GabiH2O works to take water efficiency messages to children in a fun way. The company uses games, apps, videos, music and competitions to appeal to a younger audience. This ‘edutainment’, says Harvey, captures the imagination, so that we can change the water-using behaviour of children and their parents. Harvey believes passionately that the world we build tomorrow is based on the experiences we give our children today. Instilling the value of conserving our natural resources into our children’s DNA is key.

Peter Sceats
Peter Sceats has traded, brokered and consulted across electricity, gas, coal and water. Peter designed the Month Ahead Gas Index of Italy and the API coal indices upon which the international coal market is based and all European coal power stations are valued. He began his work in the water markets in 2010 inputting “The GB Virtual Water Main” (a model for a competitive wholesale water market) into the 2011 UK Water White Paper. Peter writes for Water Retail and Utility Week, inputs to the All Party Parliamentary Water Group and is the founder of Everything Water’s advisory partners, Grand Union Water Co. and London Power & Light.

Mark Broadbent
Mark is the Director of the fastest growing Office Supplies Company in the UK, Universal Office Products Ltd., as well as heading up ‘Soaked’ the authorised distributor of Oxyflow water saving product. As a successful leader with a proven track record, Mark is focused and results driven and has through his leadership and innovation has continued to deliver measured and tangible results within both the domestic. commercial office services and water industries sectors.

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Flowless Taking Smart Metering Into The Future

  • Flowless uses state of the art technology to help you manage your water
  • Flowless uses machine learning to understand how your building uses water and detects any changes
  • Flowless uses the internet, enabling you to control your water
  • Flowless can alert facilities managers or can shut off the water in an emergency
  • Flowless can monitor water quality parameters to ensure water safety
  • Flowless can detect and stop wastage and leaks, saving your business money and preventing damage

Water Efficiency

Water isn’t running out – the water cycle is continuous, but with the increasing population there are more of us to share the water supply.

The amount of water we use is not sustainable, we have to use less on a daily basis both at work and at home to ensure our supply doesn’t run out.

We treasure our planet and its precious resources. Our aim is to bring a value to water, an asset which we have long taken for granted.

We want to make wasting water socially unacceptable by changing perception and behaviour.

We achieve this by providing practical and economical solutions to help everyone conserve water and save energy.

Single Volumiser 4 L/min Crystal Flow Tech Sheet

Drenched Dual Flow Tec Sheet 1

Volumising Shower Tech Sheet

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Hot Water Tap

Illimani Tap are able to assist you with contemporary, high performance, and energy efficient filtered water systems. These are backed by our world class service

SPACE – smallest space requirement in the joinery

ENERGY – works on heat exchange principle, so highly energy efficient running cost and no requirement for ventilation

TIME – save your client time; and also, quick to install on site



Many companies are striving to meet a green agenda and reduce or eliminate the need to buy, store, chill and dispose of large quantities of table bottled water. Customers needing to reduce their carbon footprint, coupled with the very public campaign against bottled water, has led directly to a strong demand for alternatives.

Filtration systems offer a positive environmental alternative to tabled bottled water and offer a solution to the negative impact of pollution caused by transporting bottled water and the high energy used to produce and dispose of waste associated with plastic & glass bottle packaging. A Filtration system offers the ideal solution, providing instant, purified, filtered and chilled tap water that never runs out.

The Filtration counter top unit is an aesthetically pleasing unit that will sit attractively on a counter top. Together with stylish branded glass bottles, the system is perfect for multiple environments including financial services, legal institutions, design and PR agencies, colleges and universities, conferencing, banqueting and hospitality establishments, hotels, restaurants and any environment where table water is used.


Education For Children

We have harnessed the social and cultural phenomenon of “ludification”, the increasing spread of play as a routine activity in everyone’s life

Applying insights from sociology and environmental psychology to real-world efforts to save water and energy

Combining technological and non-technological tools to spark change

Results-based, evaluation of our efforts